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Alma Mater

I wrote a letter to UT, telling them how disappointed I was in their record on historic preservation. I didn’t expect a reply, but I got one. I thought I’d share it. My letter: I am writing to say I … Continue reading

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Urban Wilderness in Jeopardy

I hope that TDOT gets halted. They mess up more than they fix.

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Cruze Farm Buttermilk

Cruze Farm was in the Huffington Post! I love this little video and I really love this guy’s philosophy on life. Being 65 years old (at the time) and feeling like life is still spread out before him. I hope … Continue reading

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Downtown Knoxville Properties

What is up with people wanting to tear down old downtown Knoxville buildings lately? It’s maddening! First we have this St. John’s Cathedral nonsense that has been going on for a long time now. Apparently they were told they couldn’t … Continue reading

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Will Gen Y Ever Move to the Suburbs? I am definitely not a fan of the ‘burbs. Too much sprawl, too much pollution, too cramped. If I want a yard, then I want to live in the country. I am … Continue reading

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Knoxville City Guide

I forget where I found it, but this is one of the best Knoxville city guides I’ve seen. Go read it and get inspired to visit the businesses listed!

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Happy Workplaces in Knoxville

Last week Forbe’s released a list of The Happiest And Unhappiest Cities To Work In Right Now and Knoxville made the #2 spot on the Happiest list. Yay! So here is a list of the five places in Knoxville I … Continue reading

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Living Room Wall

We have a concrete wall in our living room that has to be sealed. Our maintenance guy asked me what color I want it and now I am very excited about the possibilities we have. Here are some images of … Continue reading

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Gay Street Christmas Parade from 1952

Gay Street Christmas Parade, 1952 from TAMIS on Vimeo. It is so infinitely better than the parade we watched the other night! Urban Guy had some good critiques on the 2012 parade here and here. With all the modern conveniences … Continue reading

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Butt Chug Boogie

If you pay attention to the news at all, and especially if you live in Knoxville, you’ve heard about the infamous Butt Chugging incident on UT campus. It was pretty embarrassing for the university. But now someone wrote a song … Continue reading

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