Knoxville Book Hunts

Someone asked me for Knoxville bookstore recommendations (actually, I offered, and then she said suggestions would be welcome. That is the same thing, right?!) and here was my reply:

McKay Used Books, off I40 exit at Papermill Drive (I think it is 385). Huge warehouse FULL of great books and music. Last time I was there they had several Trixies. (I am referring to Trixie Belden books, the kind of book she collects.) Go here earlier to beat the crowds. I think they open about 9 AM.

-Union Avenue Books, a brand spankin’ new bookstore in downtown. They carry new and used and they are in a great location. You could park in the Market Square garage and spend awhile walking around, checking out the fun shops in downtown, or walk to World’s Fair Park to see the Sunsphere. If you want to get lunch, I recommend Tomato Head for pizza or The French Market for crepes. (Not much on their site, but they do have the address for your GPS.) Also the Farmer’s Market will be going on until 2 PM on Wednesday, on the square. It’s not as good as the Saturday market, but it is still pretty nice.

-Central Street Books, just north of downtown. Address and phone #: 842 N Central St
Knoxville, TN 37917 (865) 573-9979. This was a shop that was over the river, called The Book Eddy. When they started doing major construction on the Henley Street Bridge and closed the whole thing, the shop relocated so they wouldn’t lose their customers. And next door to the bookshop is Magpies Bakery with the best cupcakes in existence. (I might be exaggerating, but not by much 😉 I cannot recommend highly enough that you stop in there and try a cupcake or 5. The strawberry cream might make you burst sporadically into song.

-And if you head up Broadway you will see several antique shops and the like. I haven’t been in any of those yet, but they look really interesting.

-If you’re looking for a night activity, I have always wanted to go on the TN Riverboat and check out the sights. Haven’t managed it yet, but it looks so fun. They have a Murder Mystery Dinner.

I know that is a lot, but I swear, there is a ton more to do here. I adore living in downtown Knoxville. Tons of fun people, tons of fun activities, and beautiful buildings. Maybe check out the Knoxville groupon for any deals you can sign up for.

Did I miss anything? I was just wondering what other places people would recommend a stranger to Knoxville go check out.

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  1. Nope, Magpies ARE the best cupcake in existence. You exaggerate not.

    I’d say this about covers it. There are few bookstores in Knoxville these days. I still haven’t made it to Union Ave. books b/c I never seem to be down there before 8 p.m., but it looks good. Central Ave. is OK, depending on what you’re looking for.

    The Broadway antique stores are decent, but my personal thrift/antique store favorite is Friends in Happy Holler.

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