I have been too busy to listen to new and interesting music. Maybe after our event I can settle down and listen again. Or maybe after our event I’ll suddenly get even busier. That would be OK.

So I made the mistake of reading 2 sets of trilogies without owning either of the last books in said trilogies. Now I am waiting on pins and needles for those other books to arrive in the mail. I checked local nonchain bookstores and they didn’t have them, so I had to order from Amazon sellers. It’s just taking SO LONG!

Have a video shot from a camera on a Corgi:

As I was walking the dogs through Old City earlier some guy was walking on the other side of the street screaming “DRACO” or something that sounded similar. He just kept walking along, screaming. I suspect when they close the mental institution this summer we’re going to get a lot more people doing things like that.

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