Gay Street Christmas Parade from 1952

Gay Street Christmas Parade, 1952 from TAMIS on Vimeo.

It is so infinitely better than the parade we watched the other night! Urban Guy had some good critiques on the 2012 parade here and here. With all the modern conveniences we have at our disposal, it seems that we should surely be able to make a parade that is at least as nice as the one they had in 1952.

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2 Responses to Gay Street Christmas Parade from 1952

  1. Interesting that every single neighborhood seemed to have its own float. I don’t think there’s enough community pride at that micro of a level to do that anymore, which is sad. While we certainly have the modern conveniences, I’m just not sure anyone has the drive to make it any better than it is. (But I agree with Urban Guy — wth is up with all those Easter-themed floats??)

  2. A. B. Monk says:

    It’s unfortunate. In a city with as many great artists as we have, you’d think we could get some really beautiful floats moving through.

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