Living Room Wall

We have a concrete wall in our living room that has to be sealed. Our maintenance guy asked me what color I want it and now I am very excited about the possibilities we have. Here are some images of the wall:

TV corner

Living Room Sans Boxes

Getting things in order with new shelves

Living Room 3

Living Room

That is in order of us moving our stuff in. The last picture is the wall in low-light.

Choices we’ve kicked around include a dark, chocolate brown, a light grey, steel blue, or a slate blue/stormy sky grey. We could also potentially do a red or orange red. We’d really like it to go well with our furniture, the yellow walls and blue floor, and our painting. We also have to keep in mind whether it makes the room warmer or cooler. It gets so hot here, that cooler is typically preferred.

Man, this is a hard decision!

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8 Responses to Living Room Wall

  1. Angela says:

    I know I am a boring decorator, but is there any reason not to match the existing yellow wall, or can you get that re-done, too?

  2. A. B. Monk says:

    I suppose we could match it, but we’re not that fond of the color. Our furnishings work well with it, luckily, and make it not look at industrial as it does alone. I think we’d like to use the concrete wall as something more visually stimulating. An accent wall.

  3. Casey says:

    I am afraid the steel blue with the other yellow walls might be a bit too much CCHS pride, if you get my drift (I know this because my walls are steel blue and I considered a yellow accent wall!) I personally either vote for a rusty orange/burnt sienna or chocolate brown, but I also understand your worries about making the room hotter. I think a cool grey would look fine, too, but I just think a sienna tone would set it off SO well.

  4. Casey says:

    Also, my god do I love that couch.

  5. I absolutely love grey as a neutral, but of course there’s a huge difference between cool grey and warm grey. I think a light but cool grey might complement the otherwise very warm space decently, but I’m not totally sure. The chocolate would probably look good.

    Emily Henderson had a great post about layering color recently that might help:

  6. A. B. Monk says:

    We played around with adding colors for a bit. The dark brown was nice, but our painting and furniture disappeared against it. These are messy, but here is an idea where we are leaning:


    Then we tried these out too:



    I think the light is too light. It doesn’t look good with our stuff or our floor. I like the medium and the dark, though. We’re worried if we do anything too red that it will clash with our possessions or look like a nursery school with yellow, blue, and red. Maybe a burnt sienna would look good, if it was a lighter shade. Hrm…

  7. Angela says:

    Okay. If you are sick of yellow, I vote chocolate brown. You seem to have a wall of windows in the room so it shouldn’t make the room too dark. It’s too bad brown makes your picture disappear. I am also partial to forest green, but that probably doesn’t go with anything but your cat. How do these colors make you feel? I would probably say forget the furniture but find a happy or relaxing color.

    (I have picked paint for different things around here, and I nearly always end up hating it.) My husband’s office was supposed to be more of a neutral, but it came out looking like light-medium pumpkin (the outside of the building). It was so ugly. All I can say for the color is it gets better and better as it fades.

  8. A. B. Monk says:

    Angela, I really do like the glossy dark brown in theory. I don’t think it will end up working with our overall decor, though. If we were more zen decorators, it would look fabulous. Our downstairs neighbor has a dark brown wall and that is where Jon initially got the idea from.

    I appreciate all the comments and in-put. I am going to meet with our maintenance man next week and go over colors and such. It may be optimistic of me, but I will try to get pictures of the finished product. We’re rearranging our entire furniture set-up as well, to fit the baby into our office. So it will be pretty different, I hope.

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