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Last week Forbe’s released a list of The Happiest And Unhappiest Cities To Work In Right Now and Knoxville made the #2 spot on the Happiest list. Yay!

So here is a list of the five places in Knoxville I think it would be awesome to work at, in no particular order:

The Knoxville Zoo

I actually have worked at the Knoxville Zoo a bunch of years ago and it was completely awesome. I got the opportunity to intern with the bird department and work in visitor services. I had a blast doing that and I would love to do it again someday.

City of Knoxville

Mayor Madeline Rogero is one of the coolest politicians around today. I think it would be absolutely amazing and invaluable to have the opportunity to work in her administration. She’s doing wonderful things in our city.

“In my campaign and at my inauguration, I said my administration welcomed and represented all of Knoxville. By strengthening the city’s own nondiscrimination policies, we will help ensure that city government is a place where everyone is valued and respected.” – Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero, a classy lady


PetSafe is actually owned by Radio Systems Corporation, which is headquartered in Knoxville. I would personally prefer to work at the PetSafe offices, because from what I understand you can take your dog to work with you. How could you have a rotten day at work when you get to spend it with your dog?

But seriously, I love that PetSafe/Radio Systems has done so much for the animal community in Knoxville. They made it their goal to make Knoxville the pet-friendliest city in the country and they are well on their way to meeting that goal.

After writing that little blurb, I happened upon a nice YouTube webisode on why PetSafe is a great place to work. Check it out (and if the video disappears, click here):

Dewhirst Properties

I’ve made it no secret than I am a huge David Dewhirst fangirl. I love what he’s done with downtown Knoxville development and it would be a dream to work with him on one of his projects. He’s currently developing 3 different beautiful historic properties (Arnstein, Armature, and White Lily) and I imagine he has plans to do even more in the future. I think he’s a genius and a visionary. Since moving to downtown Knoxville over 3 years ago, I’ve seen vacant and neglected streets (Union Avenue) completely revitalized to one of the most popular and beautiful spots in the city mostly because of the work Dewhirst has done. I wish I could live in the top floor of the Arnstein building when he completes it. Or even better, that I could live in the tiny building between Mast General Store and the old JC Penny building.

AC Entertainment

One of the best music promotions companies in the music business and they are based in Knoxville, TN. How incredible is that? They produce Bonnaroo, Moogfest, and the now defunct Sundown in the City. There is talk that they are resurrecting The Big Ears Festival, maybe next year. On top of that, they manage the Tennessee Theatre and the Bijou Theatre. Working for them you’d be right on the pulse of popular music in the country, not just the area. And to top it all off, Ashley Capps, the CEO and founder, has done amazing things for downtown and the city of Knoxville. It would be a surreal experience to work for AC Entertainment.


Scripps Network

They do HGTV, Food Network, and the Travel Channel and they are based in Knoxville, TN. Why?

“HGTV founder Ken Lowe identified Knoxville as the perfect location to plant and grow the emerging network in 1994. He chose the location because of an existing production facility and a strong pool of television production talent on which to draw. He also saw Knoxville as a welcoming and affordable community that would enable the network’s employees to live the lifestyle they were representing on the air. The centralized location and temperate climate were also seen as advantages for doing field production out of Knoxville.”

How cool would it be to work for HGTV?!

Knox Heritage

Saving local historic properties one building at a time. I love history, I love old buildings, and I love preservation. I think I would love working with Knox Heritage. I also think you can thank people like them for downtown Knoxville’s popular resurgence. It’s because of Knox Heritage that beautiful gems like the Bijou Theatre have been saved. And today that theatre is a popular entertainment venue drawing in high profile musicians and as a results, lots of people. Which of course resulted in lots of shops and restaurants opening. It’s a chain reaction. Where would downtown be today if not for Knox Heritage? I suspect most of it would be one big, paved parking lot.

University of Tennessee

This one is a bit mixed. On the one hand, I have no interest in working for UT Athletics. And I find the University to be absolutely deplorable when it comes to historic preservation. (Which is why I will never give them any money despite being an alumni.) But UT has some amazing things going on at the same time. The College of Veterinary Medicine, the McClung Museum, and the UT Solar House along with all the green initiatives that UT is developing. The academic aspect of the university is very alluring and I think it would be incredible to be a part of some of the innovative things they are doing.

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