7 Months

Hanging out with Mommy

Big Moments

-Held his bottle by himself
-Sitting up by himself (with help to get started)
-Standing up while holding the edge of his playpen
-New words “Yeah” and “Mama”
-Practicing shrieking
-Tries to feed himself with a spoon



-Eating, as always
-Constant attention
-The animals, he LOVES them
-Playing with the water in the shower
-“Helping” us do things
-His Daddy!
-Watching our maintenance man do things with power tools
-Playing with a tape measure I have on my desk
-His UT pacifiers (One got dropped in the park when were on a walk and I had to go back and find it. I think he’s developing an attachment.)
-Blowing raspberries
-Singing, he’s even trying to sing for himself now


-Being put down in his playpen
-Being put down in general
-When we scrape the bottom of his food bowl (He throws a fit.)
-Having his face and hands wiped off after he eats
-Camera flashes

At Neyland Stadium


-We spent the weekend in Crossville and it was his first trip away from home. It threw him off, but I think he was starting to get used to it. He loved having my family there to give him constant attention, but he didn’t get nearly enough sleep. Anytime he’d whimper someone would be right there to pick him up instead of letting him fall back to sleep.
-We got a playpen and he has mixed feelings on it. He doesn’t like to be put down in there at all, but after a little while of fussing he’ll start playing with his toys a bit. He likes to stand up and hold on to the edge of it and he can do that for several minutes at a time before his legs get tired.
-He seems to be newly interested in helping me do things. I took him grocery shopping and gave him a loaf of bread to hold. I told him that it was his job to hold on to the bread, and do you know he did very well. The bread didn’t hit the ground once. It was a little squished by the time we were checking out, but he definitely did not drop it.
-We went to watch the new Vol football team and coach at their practice. It rained a bit, but we were there to cheer on our team. His first trip to Neyland Stadium!
-He went to his first wedding when very good friends of ours got married. He was great and didn’t fuss at all.
-He hung out on a patio at Market Square while Memaw and his Daddy ate.
-He socialized with the lovely Casey at her house and probably would have beaten us all at Mario Kart if we’d let him play.
-Yesterday was his Daddy’s birthday and he spent the day helping him have a happy birthday.

Hanging upside down

So now we’re past the half year mark! I expect development to pick up pretty fast in the coming months.


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5 Responses to 7 Months

  1. Julie says:

    I think he gets more adorable with each passing month.

  2. Wow! I can’t believe he’s already that old! (I’m sure you can’t either :)

  3. A. B. Monk says:

    Thank you! It doesn’t feel like he should be over half a year old already. Time is moving faster than ever. He gets more fun, and more difficult, every day.

  4. Casey says:

    He is seriously one of the best babies I have had the pleasure of meeting. So ALERT!

  5. A. B. Monk says:

    Thank you! He will remember everything, I am sure of it.

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