8 Months

After a bath

Big Moments
-On the evening of his 7 month birthday, the day after his Daddy’s 29th birthday, he looked at him and said “Daddy… Hi!”
-Sitting up by himself
-Pulling himself into standing position
-New word “No”

Crawling and playing with a shiny gift bag

-Watching the dogs bounce around and chase the cat. He thinks it is hilarious.
-Freedom to explore our apartment
-Bath time/Splashing
-Social events/Watching people
-His Memaw, Aunt Jen, and Pa
-Watching TV (lately we’ve been watching Gilmore Girls on DVD and he loves it. I hope he’ll learn to talk fast.)

-Biggest dislike is still when he finishes a bowl of food
-Getting cold while he tries to sleep
-When I won’t let him get in my desk drawer
-Bumping his head (happens a lot these days)
-Being in his crib when he is awake
-Being told “No”
-Not getting enough sleep

-I took him to a 100 Block Association meeting and he got fussy, so we had to leave early. A bit embarrassing, but he’d skipped a nap and had a messy diaper, so I’m impressed he was good for as long as he was.
-We went to the farmer’s market and got his picture made with Spiderman
-We dropped off a petition to St. John’s Cathedral, asking them not to tear down the buildings they want to tear down. He’s getting an early start on a political career, if he wants one
-We walked around and picked up donations for a 100 Block fundraiser
-We went to Movies on the Square. We couldn’t really see the screen because there were so many people, but he enjoyed himself anyway, watching everyone and playing with our friends Nathan and Agnes
-Got super dirty playing outside at his Memaw’s house, the first time of many yet to come

On the changing pad

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