A letter from a fool who thinks I’m an idiot

October 4, 2013

Dear Ms. Monk:

Thank you for contacting me about your concerns over the current partial government shutdown. It is always a pleasure to hear from those that I represent in the Congress.

First, I would like to say that most of the government seems to be open and functioning. We here in the Congress are working very hard to resolve this situation, and my office is still meeting with constituents and performing its other functions as normal.

I am disappointed that most of the national media have not called on President Obama to compromise in any way. Republicans in the House have compromised and passed a bill three different times to continue funding the government until December 15th. First we voted to fund the government with the exception of ObamaCare; second we voted to fund the government with a one-year delay to ObamaCare; and third we voted to fund the government with a one-year delay of the individual mandate requirement in ObamaCare.

President Obama himself has said that there are many flaws with this unaffordable healthcare act. He has already given a one-year waiver to big businesses and corporations to exempt them from this law. All that Republicans are asking for is that President Obama give a similar one-year waiver to individuals and working families. This would not preclude anyone from signing up for ObamaCare who wants to.

Second, as I have said on the House floor many times, I believe that one of the most serious problems facing our Country today is wasteful government spending. Each year our government spends billions of taxpayers’ dollars on projects and programs that are ineffective and simply unnecessary, and I believe that ObamaCare is another one of those programs.

Even though ObamaCare is not fully implemented yet, many thousands of people all over this Country are not being hired because of the uncertainty surrounding this legislation and the extra costs it will impose on even the smallest of employers, and many thousands more people are having their hours cut back. In addition, most people all over the Country are seeing their insurance premiums go up as insurance companies prepare for all of the requirements of this new law.

ObamaCare is already having a very harmful effect on our Nation’s economy. Before the federal government got into medical care, healthcare in this Country was cheap and affordable for almost everybody. Costs have exploded in healthcare since we moved away from a free enterprise and free market approach to medical care.

We see on an almost daily basis that the government’s demand or appetite for money can never be satisfied. Many in Washington have forgotten the simple truth that the money they spend comes from the pockets of hard working taxpayers. These taxpayers expect lawmakers and federal bureaucrats to be responsible in the way they use these resources.

As you know, every day America’s debt is increasing and is now well above $17 trillion and the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that our debt will reach over $25 trillion over the next decade. The administration seems to think we can spend our way out of this crisis and that is simply not true. If we allow our debt to go above $25 trillion, our money will become almost worthless.

The whole reason we are even in this mess is because of liberal, left-wing big spenders who insisted on spending trillions of dollars that we do not have. When I first came to Congress, America’s debt was less than $3 trillion, and I thought that was too much.

I have fought since coming to Congress to reinstate a common-sense fiscally sound approach to funding federal programs. I am pleased to say that I have been named among the top most fiscally conservative Members of both the House and Senate by the National Taxpayers Union and one of only a handful of Members of Congress to receive the “Super Hero” award from Citizens Against Government Waste.

I hope that everyone who receives this letter will call on the President to compromise. The overwhelming majority of the people that I represent in East Tennessee have told me that they do not favor ObamaCare, and I am committed to changing it in a way that will bring healthcare costs down and reduce federal spending as much as possible.

Again, thank you for contacting me about this very serious issue. If I can ever be of assistance to you, your family or your friends, do not hesitate to call on me.

With kindest regard, I am

Yours truly,

Member of Congress

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My Reply

do you think I’m an idiot?

Dear Congressman Duncan,

Do you think I am an idiot? Do you think I am a fool? I got your little email, requesting me to call on the President and accept your “compromise” on the budget. You sir, are a bully. You are an overpaid, privileged jester and you need to be voted out of office. I need the Affordable Care Act. My husband was diagnosed with MS a week before his 21st birthday. He couldn’t get any insurance, not even TennCare. With his preexisting condition, he can’t get insurance. You say “Before the federal government got into medical care, healthcare in this Country was cheap and affordable for almost everybody.” WRONG. You don’t have the first clue what people who don’t have a trust fund go through. We want “Obamacare”. We need it. I just had a baby and without Obamacare I couldn’t have gotten any insurance. I still had to pay about $8,000 out of pocket. That’s probably nothing to you, but to us it’s an incredible lot. We’ll be paying it off for years and our lifestyle and finances have suffered. You don’t give a damn. You and your Republican cronies are holding our nation hostage and blaming it on anyone else you can. I’ve seen your contemporaries berate an innocent park ranger for just doing her job and shutting down the monuments. She did that because of YOUR PARTY closing down our government. Not the Democrats. Not Reid. Not Obama. YOU. Jerk that stick out of your ass and do your damn job. Pass a budget and get over the fact that your lost the fight against Obamacare. Work to make it better instead of wasting our time with your overgrown tantrums.

I may have come across as angry.

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