Useful organization articles

Jon and I are attempting to declutter our lives. Here are some helpful links I’ve been reading.

6 Ways You’re Making Staying Organized Harder Than It Has to Be

Retraining Your Eye: Reducing Clutter by Practicing Patience

The Possibilities of Open Space: Loving the Stuff That’s Not There

Breaking Up With Your Belongings: Decluttering Tips for the Sentimentalist

Before & After: A Creative Solution for a No-Closet Bedroom

5 Questions: Deciding to Keep or Purge

5 Ways to Declutter: Conquer Clutter Before It Conquers You

How to Get Rid of Stuff: 5 Tricks for Making the Task Easier

Why We Hold Onto So Much Stuff, and How to Let Go

“Do These Socks Spark Joy?” and Other Decluttering Mantras from Japan’s Leading Organizer

Let It Go: How To Let Yourself Finally Get Rid of Things

10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Space

Pro Organizer Tips: What NOT To Do When Decluttering Your Home

8 Ideas for a More Authentic, Joyful Home This Year

The Little Red Journal. This has been very inspirational to get rid of things. Also to put more money into savings.

Becoming Minimalist

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