1 Month

Time flies when you’re having fun. And it also flies when you’re not getting nearly enough sleep!


Big Moments

-Rolling over, tummy to back (and very nearly back to tummy!)
-Better head control, though it’s not consistent yet
-Tracking things with his eyes
-Supporting his weight on his legs (the doctor said he is almost like a 3 month old in this regard. He’s very, very strong)
-Trying to mimic facial expressions


-Being held constantly
-Sleeping on someone’s chest
-Warm showers if I’m in there holding him
-Finger puppet shows



-The fan blowing on him
-Being put down
-Being hungry
-Not being able to see someone next to him/being alone


-He has a little growl noise he makes when he eats that is completely adorable.
-He has specific grunts and noises he makes to communicate with us. Very different from Ellison’s chirps.
-He weighed in at 8 lbs and 10 oz at his 1 month checkup and 21″ long. He is underweight, so we are feeding more and we’ll have a weight check on the 26th to be sure he is gaining OK.
-He’s already traveled around quite a bit. We had a picnic on Mother’s Day, and we went out to a restaurant to celebrate his Memaw and Pa’s birthdays. He also made a trip to the aquarium in the Smokies and slept through the entire thing.
-He hates being put in his car seat, but after he’s in there he passes out almost instantly.
-When I brought him home and changed his first diaper he very nearly got me in the face with a stream of pee. Luckily my work at Tiger Haven taught me to be a fast dodger when pee is coming at my face.
-He sleeps through most events. He likes it when I put him in the sling and carry him, he falls asleep snuggled against my chest.
-Sometimes we go on family walks with Jon pushing Ellison in the stroller and me carrying Robbie in the sling. I usually walk Professor and Jon gets KiKi. It’s a fun little outing for us.
-He seems to be trying to pay attention to the books when we do nightly story time.


And there you have Mr. Robert West Monk-Bell after 1 month on the planet. Or as much as I can remember with my sleep deprivation!


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