Some things we’re doing this summer

Jon and I have a list of things to do this summer. Here is what we have so far:

  1. Have a picnic at the Botanical Garden and Arboretum
  2. Go to all of the Sundown in the City concerts
  3. Go to all of the Shakespeare on the Square plays
  4. See Mamma Mia! at the Tennessee Theatre (we’re going tomorrow night!!!)
  5. Go to the Rossini Festival
  6. Visit the East TN History Museum
  7. Visit the McClung Museum
  8. Take a cruise on the Tennessee Riverboat
  9. Fly kites at World’s Fair Park
  10. Go to one of the Art Galleries
  11. Do an event every First Friday
  12. Go hiking at Ijams Nature Center
  13. Go to all of the Movies on the Square, unless they are sad or just stupid
  14. Take a short vacation to Cleveland, OH to visit friends and family
  15. Go to a Cleveland Indians baseball game
  16. Go to an Opera
  17. Get some of Jon’s photography displayed at Remedy Coffee
  18. Go to a flea market
  19. Shop at the Farmers’ Market
  20. Go fishing
  21. Participate in A Way for Layla events
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2 Responses to Some things we’re doing this summer

  1. Angela says:

    Your list is more certain than lists I make about plans. Mine would be better entitled, “Things I Might Do This Summer.”

  2. A. B. Monk says:

    Well, I suppose that is technically all might as well. We really want to do that stuff though. We’re in a new place, we should explore it!

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