2 Months

It is too hot to manage and this 2 month old isn’t having the best day ever. He got his vaccinations and he was not at all happy about it.

Sad face

Big Moments

-First smile and attempts at a giggle!
-Sticking his tongue out at us
-Reaches for our fingers
-Tracks items from way across the room
-Very strong and can stand up on his feet if you pull him up by the hands. The doctor was impressed
-He knows his Daddy. Jon peaked in at him and I said “It’s Daddy!” and his eyes went straight to Jon. We tested it twice and he did exactly the same thing


-Being held! He is very fond of being around people. He sleeps best when someone is holding him.
-Tickle time with Daddy
-Listening to Mommy sing
-Visiting family in Crossville. He gives them big grins already
-Playing with his big brother
-And eating, of course
-The helium balloons we still have from his Welcome to the World party

Smiley face


-His car seat
-Being put down
-Being cold
-Loud noises
-Air moving on his skin
-His swaddle

Sleepy Face


-We’ve gone on a couple picnics with him and he seems to enjoy them well enough.
-His first smile was in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant in Crossville. I was getting him out of his car seat and he gave me a stunning smile. I was thrilled. Unfortunately Jon missed it because it was over so fast. But since then he’s smiled a bunch of times.
-We took Ellison to a car show and Robbie made the rounds with us. He mostly slept through it.
-He did not have the best time with his vaccinations. His legs got really sore and he ran a little fever afterward. And his pacifier got left behind in the parking lot, so I drove back to get it after we got home.
-I’m taking about an hour to myself in the evenings now, so he’s getting extra quality Daddy and Ellison time. He seems to really love it.
-There have been lots of wonderful moments with all of us as a family. Unfortunately it gets hard to remember them with the lack of sleep and trying to keep two babies happy. But we’re having a good time.

Nom, Nom

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