My List Updates

Now summer is over, so you can see how I did on my lists.  The Movies on the Square is exempt, because it turns out that is mostly a fall thing.

1. Have a picnic at the Botanical Garden and Arboretum -COMPLETE
2. Go to Sundown in the City – COMPLETE
3. Go to Shakespeare on the Square – COMPLETE
4. See Mamma Mia! at the Tennessee Theatre – COMPLETE
5. Go to the Rossini Festival – COMPLETE, and it rained the whole time and we got drenched
6. Visit the East TN History Museum – COMPLETE
7. Visit the McClung Museum
8. Take a cruise on the Tennessee Riverboat
9. Fly kites at World’s Fair Park

10. Go to one of the Art Galleries – COMPLETE, I went to 2, the second was to see Salvador Dali’s watercolors for The Divine Comedy. Excellent!
11. Do an event every First Friday – We did something every single first Friday this summer.  We had a great time too!  We went to an art show of Salvador Dali, the History Museum, a band called Mandolin Orange, and several art other shows.
12. Go hiking at Ijams Nature Center
13. Go to all of the Movies on the Square, unless they are sad or just stupid
14. Take a short vacation to Cleveland, OH to visit friends and family – We’re going to go this Christmas!
15. Go to a Cleveland Indians baseball game (and/or go to a Smokey Mountain Minor League Baseball) – COMPLETE, went to a Smokies game and they won, yay!
16. Go to an Opera – COMPLETE, we went to see The Barber of Seville
17. Get some of Jon’s photography displayed at Remedy Coffee
18. Go to a flea market

19. Shop at the Farmers’ Market – COMPLETE
20. Go fishing – This will go on next summer’s list.
21. Participate in A Way for Layla events -COMPLETE, went to Layla’s Day at Volunteer Park
22. Go to Kingsport, TN with Andy and Mer for some awesome ribs – COMPLETE, ribs were very tasty!
23. Go to Asheville, NC to hang out with Andy and Mer – I am going to do this in October, though!
24. Try 5 new restaurants in downtown Knoxville – COMPLETE plus it was super easy. I should have set myself a higher number. We went to Bistro at the Bijou, Cafe 4, Lenny’s Sub Shop, Market Square Kitchen, and S&W Grand.

And now for the movie list:

1. Glee season 1
2. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
3. 9 to 5
4. Coupling season 1
5. 30 Rock season 3
6. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
7. Coupling season 2
8. Coupling season 3
9. Coupling season 4
10. Pirates of Penzance
11. My Life in Ruins
12. Sherlock Holmes
13. The Muppets Take Manhattan
14. Star Trek (one of the best movies ever!)
15. The IT Crowd season 1
16. The IT Crowd season 2
17. The IT Crowd season 3
18. Weird Science
19. GI Joe
20. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
21. The Cat Returns
22. My Neighbor Totoro
23. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
24. It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown
25. Charlie Brown’s All Stars!
26. It’s Spring Training, Charlie Brown!
27. The Proposal
28. Up
29. Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 1 Water
30. Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 2 Earth
31. Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 3 Fire
32. Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
33. Fletch
34. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
35. Holiday
36. The Ugly Truth
37. The Importance of Being Earnest
38. Porco Rosso
39. Ponyo
40. The Happiest Millionaire
41. Top Hat
42. A Wrinkle in Time
43. Dick Tracy
44. Meet Me in St. Louis
45. The Shop Around the Corner
46. Houseboat
47. Sense and Sensibility
48. Looney Tunes: Back in Action
49. Veronica Mars Season 1
50. Veronica Mars Season 2
51. Veronica Mars Season 3
52. Dr. Who Season 1 (Not all the way finished yet)
53. The Facts of Life Season 3
54. Who’s the Boss? Season 3
55. The Big Bang Theory Season 1
56. The Big Bang Theory Season 2
57. My Boys Season 3
58. My Boys Season 4
60. iCarly Season 1
62. iCarly Season 2
63. iCarly Season 3

And I am sure there are more movies/TV shows, but I am drawing a blank.  I’ll have to update it if I remember more.  Now I am going to work on some lists for this Fall/Winter.  I think a list of things to cook and another list of things to do.  Those are good for me.

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