Some updates

Here are my updated lists:

  1. Wonton Soup
  2. Eggrolls
  3. Shepard’s Pie- I have a recipe for this worked out in my head. I am going to use shredded beef instead of ground beef or lamb.
  4. Simple Simon – I got this through Julie
  5. Banana Bread – It is in the oven as I type.  I used 4 bananas instead of the recommended 3.  I had 4, so I was like Why not?
  6. Maple Pecan Sweet Potato Muffins
  7. Pumpkin Bars
  8. Manicotti – I made this for supper Thursday and I think it might be the best thing I ever made.  However I made a lot of changes to that recipe.  I made two versions, a dairy and a dairy free.  I’ll type the recipes up in another post sometime.
  9. Homemade pizza – I am using pre-made crust dough and the rest will be sauce, cheese (and dairy free cheese), Italian chicken sausage, bacon, green onion, and BBQ sauce.  Yum!

And here is the start of a list of things to do:

  1. Go to Every First Friday through Fall and Winter, unless I am out of town
  2. Christmas in the City
  3. Visit family and friends in Cleveland around Christmas – The plans for this are well under way.  It has turned into a big family reunion for Jon.
  4. Do Oktoberfest in Asheville with Andy and Meredith – This was a lot of fun.  It mostly consisted of drunk people dancing to polka music.  I can’t think of when that would be a bad idea.
  5. Have my family over for dinner at our apartment

So the Oktoberfest event is in the works. We’re going to go Saturday and come home Sunday. The dogs are vaccinated and plans are in place for them to be boarded over the weekend. Very excited!!!

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2 Responses to Some updates

  1. Angela says:

    You’re making me hungry!

  2. A. B. Monk says:

    I’m making myself hungry! Fall always makes me want to cook. Have you been making anything tasty this season?

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